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Abdul Aziz & Brothers LLC will participate on Fourth Edition of Oman’s Only and Most Comprehensive Exhibition on Fire, Safety & Security from 01-03 October 2018 at Oman Convention and Exhibition Center.

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Breathing air is the most important tool in the kit.

BAUER KOMPRESSOREN filling units optimise reliability and safety for the dependable supply of clean breathing air or compressed air in all areas of application, ensuring consistent compliance with international air quality standards such as DIN EN 12021 (breathing air standard).

As the most important tool in the kit, our high-quality units provide protection for our customers' lives, health and property in each and every situation. Our employees are passionate about providing people all over the world with the feeling of being 100% safe – this is what motivates our performance and success.

BAUER KOMPRESSOREN offers state-of-the-art complete solutions for the field of sports & safety tailor-made to meet the needs of your application range. From compression to treatment and beyond to the distribution of air, breathing air and nitrox.

We certify clean breathing air – the BAUER PureAir certification programme is designed specifically to assist divers in selecting a tested filling station which will deliver clean air.

COMPACT-LINE, 100 – 140 l/min

Breathing apparatus   Our mobile compressors are right at the cutting edge of technology for transportable breathing air compressors. Read more

PE 100, 100 l/min
Breathing_device   The PE 100 is by far the smallest and lightest unit in the PE series. Its possible uses are virtually unlimited: with three drive options (petrol, three-phase current, alternating current), it is suitable for use in all manner of different applications. Read more


PROFI-LINE II, 140 – 320 l/min

Breathing apparatus   The mobile compressors in the PROFI-LINE II series by BAUER KOMPRESSOREN have been designed for high free air delivery in mobile applications. The CAPITANO 140, MARINER 200, MARINER 250 and MARINER 320 are equally suitable for use in privately and commercial filling stations. Read more

PE-TE, 200 – 300 l/min

Breathing apparatus   POSEIDON EDITION units combine core components from BAUER KOMPRESSOREN in uncompromising quality whose ability to perform is beyond doubt with equipment that has been optimised for its intended purpose.Read more

MINI-VERTICUS III, 150 – 250 l/min

Breathing apparatus   MINI-VERTICUS III is a sound-insulated complete station which is ideal for use in environments where noise is a key concern and for customers who need reliable and durable service combined with low running costs.Read more

PE-HE, 250 – 300 l/min

Breathing apparatus   The PE 250-HE and PE 300-HE horizontal units in the POSEIDON EDITION series by BAUER KOMPRESSOREN are by far the most compact stationary units in their performance class. Read more

VERTICUS 5, 260 – 680 l/min

Breathing apparatus   The VERTICUS 5 series has been developed and built specifically to meet high performance requirements in continuous operation in professional applications.Read more

PE-VE, 300 – 850 l/min

Breathing apparatus   The PE-VE series is characterised by its impressive peak free air delivery rates of up to 850 l/min.Read more

KAP-LINE, 370 – 680 l/min

Breathing apparatus   The KAP LINE series by BAUER KOMPRESSOREN impress by combining unmistakable BAUER strengths and outstanding charging rates with compact dimensions. Read more

KAP 220 & KAP 23, 650 – 1480 l/min

Breathing apparatus   The stationary air-cooled heavy-duty units in the KAP series by BAUER KOMPRESSOREN impress with virtually unlimited free air delivery which can rise to almost any challenge, be it in the context of standard compressed air applications or mobile applications in off-road scenarios. Read more

Nitrox, 260 – 450 l/min

Breathing apparatus   The BAUER Nitrox system enables breathing air to be enhanced with an increased oxygen content of up to 40%. The system assists diving instructors working in professional scuba diving, ambitious amateur scuba divers as well as scuba divers who make their living from diving, and the military.Read more

Air treatment & testing

Breathing apparatus   As well as exceeding the requirements set out in the respiratory protection standard for compressed gases (DIN EN 12021), the air quality generated by BAUER P filter systems meets the requirements of the European Pharmacopoeia.Read more


Breathing apparatus   Alongside the compression and treatment (cleaning) of air and gases, there is another often neglected consideration which is of the utmost importance for the configuration of the ideal filling station. Read more

Filling & safety

Breathing apparatus   For your safety when filling the breathing air cylinder with the breathing air compressed with your BAUER compressor, use an external filling panel from BAUER or the excellent B-SAFE 300 safety filling system. This will provide protection against flying parts should the cylinder explode, as well as ensuring a high level of legal security. Read more


Breathing apparatus   Our mobile compressors rely on an integrated compressor control for straightforward and intuitive operation. The control is integrated as standard. On stationary units, the B-CONTROL controls and monitors all of the functions of your BAUER compressor unit.Read more


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