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Abdul Aziz & Brothers LLC will participate on Fourth Edition of Oman’s Only and Most Comprehensive Exhibition on Fire, Safety & Security from 01-03 October 2018 at Oman Convention and Exhibition Center.

Fire & Safety Division



As a leading global manufacturer of high performance rescue equipment, RESQTEC helps the rescue industry to operate under safe circumstances, to be capable and in control. Over the past four decades, we have positioned ourselves to become a service-oriented company, delivering rescue equipment, training, service and support in our four fields of expertise: Heavy Rescue, USAR, Extrication and Aircraft Recovery. We are responsible for major innovations like the NT lifting bag, R2s Aircraft Recovery Systems and the Q1 confined space cutter. All our products are similar in the way that they are all dedicated to safe lives or protect citizens. During the development process we strive to always provide high performance and smart solutions, by making use of the latest technologies in materials and engineering.


Lifting Bags NT-Series

Breathing apparatus   Unmatched performance; the rapid and easy deployment make the NT bags capable to handle normal incidents fast. They are used for RTA to USAR operations.
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Lifitng Bags SQ, LP, Sealing-Series

Breathing_device   Conventional lifting bags for recovery operations which can withstand only a minimum load to its structure; Sealing plugs to reconstructure sewage systems, water and other pipelines.
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Breathing apparatus   Your support in lifting objects and stabilizing objects. The unique interlocking and stacking design allows for fast and easy creation of any stabilization structure or pillars.
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Profix PX-Series

Breathing apparatus   A strong shoring device, unmatched in capacity, ease of use and safety. The unique automatic locking device allows it to be used for lift support, stabilization, moving and trench.
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Breathing apparatus   Designed to cope with complex car constructions (CCC) and high quality standard materials such as Boron. The X-series have unparalleled grip and strength.
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Breathing apparatus   Equipped with advanced blade technology giving them a wide range of cutting capabilities, from cutting round bars to the toughest of car constructions.
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Breathing apparatus   Smallest combitool with both cutting and spreading capability. Its 180 degree rotation head makes the Q1 very effective in confined spaces.
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Breathing apparatus   Combines spreading, pulling and cutting capability making it a true multifunctional rescue tool able to encounter most rescue operations.
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Breathing apparatus   The ram is an essential tool during a rescue operation. Being able to spread for a long period of time will provide the rescuer with a lot more space to complete the rescue operation.
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Breathing apparatus   Optimum performance and durability in a wide range of environments. The unique radial pump system provides excellent cooling capacity and generates high flow to open and close fast.
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