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Abdul Aziz & Brothers LLC will participate on Fourth Edition of Oman’s Only and Most Comprehensive Exhibition on Fire, Safety & Security from 01-03 October 2018 at Oman Convention and Exhibition Center.

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Digital Energy, a division of General Electric, is a global leader in providing solutions that modernize the grid – managing and moving power from the power plant to the consumer.

For over 100+ years, GE Digital Energy has led in the development, design, manufacturing and installation of a broad range of integrated hardware and software solutions for energy intensive industries including utilities, oil and gas / petrochemicals, mining, water, heavy industrial and telecommunication companies across the entire globe.

Built on interoperable designs, industry standards and deep domain knowledge, GE Digital Energy’s products increase the reliability of electrical power networks and critical equipment, maximizing the efficiency, reliability and security of customer’s electrical infrastructures. From protecting and optimizing assets such as generators, transmission lines and motors, to delivering analytic tools to help manage the power grid, GE’s Digital Energy business delivers industry-leading technologies to solve the unique challenges of each customer.


Composite Gas Transformer DGA

Breathing apparatus   GE’s Hydran line of composite gas DGA (Dissolved Gas Analysis) devices provides proven technology for essential on-line monitoring of transformer oil. The Hydran line is ideally suited to small and medium size transformers where a cost effective monitoring solution is required to notify customers of developing fault conditions that could lead to unscheduled outages.

Multiple Gas Transformer DGA


Breathing_device   GE’s Kelman line of DGA devices enables precise on-line monitoring of transformers using multiple fault gas DGA and offers detailed diagnostics according to IEEE/IEC standards of any issue detected. This added on-line diagnostic capability benefits key transformers where the consequences of outage are significant and the probability of outage is increased due to age or operational conditions.


Enhanced Tranformer solutions

Breathing apparatus   With a variety of sensors being deployed to capture more and more data about transformers, GE Energy provides solutions to not only capture this data but more importantly process it and turn it into usable information. The aim is to enhance the coverage of transformers beyond on-line DGA of the main tank and address other modes of failure while continuing to help optimize your transformer performance.

Software & Services

Breathing apparatus   GE Energy offers easy to use software for customers to effectively access and manage the data from their monitoring devices. It can also provide a service where everything is done for you. Our own experts can alert you to impending issues and assist you in making decisions in times of crises or, more routinely, provide knowledge when interpreting data or when devising a condition-based maintenance strategy. GE Energy has solutions to make managing a fleet of asset a lot easier.


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