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Abdul Aziz & Brothers LLC will participate on Fourth Edition of Oman’s Only and Most Comprehensive Exhibition on Fire, Safety & Security from 01-03 October 2018 at Oman Convention and Exhibition Center.


Runway Sweepers


Schwarze Industries offers several sweeper Models specifically tailored for today’s complex airport infrastructure. Whether your facility needs a dedicated high speed runway sweeper, a general all-purpose airport sweeper, a parking area sweeper, or a garage sweeper, you can count on a Schwarze® sweeper to get the job done.

A7 Zephyr™
FOD or foreign object debris can wreak havoc on aircraft and has been shown to cost the industry more than $10 Billion in damage, delays and disgruntled customers. Sweeping has been shown to be one of the best management practices to reduce FOD from runways and tarmac areas and nothing does this better than the Schwarze Model A7 Zephyr high speed runway sweeper. The A7 Zephyr was designed to meet the rigorous demand standards of the Department of Defense high speed sweeping requirements for quickly and effectively removing FOD. The A7 Zephyr incorporates three distinct FAA approved methods for FOD removal in one packaged unit: 1) vacuum and brush removal of debris 2) powerful truck mounted magnet to collect ferrous material and 3) high velocity blast air to push material from surface.

A7 Tornado™
In addition to the A7 Zephyr™, Schwarze® offers the versatile A7 Tornado™ that is capable of sweeping not only runways, but airport streets, parking areas, and even construction projects. Both the A7 Zephyr™ and A7 Tornado™ are equipped with a large 8.4 cubic yard debris hopper, full width sweeping head, on-board dust control and the exclusive Whisperwheel™ Fan System designed to increase performance while reducing noise and fuel consumption. A popular option with both Models is the alternative fuel version which has shown to greatly reduce operational cost and provides a greener Carbon footprint.

A4 Storm™
Another popular all-purpose sweeper favored by airport facilities is the mid-sized A4 Storm™. The A4 Storm™ provides most of the same capabilities of the larger sweepers, but in a 4.0 cubic yard capacity package. The A4 Storm™ has exceptional maneuverability, allows for dumping swept debris into a roll-off container, and does not require a CDL licensed driver to operate.

SuperVac Updraft™ & SuperVac Aero™
For parking facilities & garages, Schwarze offers several low profile sweepers capable of both confined and outdoor sweeping. The SuperVac Updraft™ is a truck mounted 2 cubic yard capacity sweeper capable of dumping into a standard dumpster. The SuperVac Aero™ is a self contained slide-in sweeper designed to quickly (ten minutes) mount and dismount onto a standard ½ ton pickup allowing multipurpose utilization of the vehicle. Either model can reduce the time required to sweep a parking deck by up to ten times that of traditional rider type sweepers.
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